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on intimacy, or its absence, by Aukje Dekker and Arthur van Beek

“There are 246,378 singles living in Amsterdam. They may be more alone now than ever before, because forced distance is depriving them of touch, which is dangerous. Other bodies are a source of risk”. – Noli me tangere
We have decorated our room on the theme of intimacy, or the lack thereof. This is not because “sex” happens to be part of our club’s name. It is because we want this time to be remembered not only for its silent cities, empty social calendars, and shrinking economy. The new normal is also about the huidhonger, skin hunger, that comes of no longer being able to feel, smell, touch, love, deliber-ately transgress boundaries. It deserves a place in the human archive of this bizarre pandemic.
Sexyland doesn’t like to impose its tastes on others, and holds all the inhabitants of Amsterdam in equally high regard. In our room, you’ll find all sorts of variations on the theme of huidhonger. From the line dancer dancing on his own, to the lonely poem of the poet in a cap. The hearing-aid wearer who can’t get close enough to people to hear them because of social distancing, and the 67-year-old woman in the mood for a little diversion. Strangers’ bodies are forbidden territory,and may be even more tempting for this very reason. But there is also a connection from within, from heart to heart. Each and every contributor shows a willingness to be vulnerable, to admit to being lonely, scared, angry, or just horny, and has the power to transform those feelings or frustrations into text or image with often visible pleasure.

We’ve really enjoyed receiving all your contributions, and will continue adding to this room for as long as you continue to send them.

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