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Separation 2.0

Package leaflet Separation 2.0

1. What is this product used for?
Isolation reduces the risk of infection, influence, group pressure and vulnerability.

2. When should you be extra careful?
You should be extra careful with Separation 2.0 if
– you’re hypersensitive to your own thoughts
– you have severe skin hunger
– you have serious problems with silence
– you have a serious/moderate social irregularity
– you have “eye contact-verbalization syndrome

Driving and the use of machines
Separation 2.0 may adversely affect reaction and perception capability.

3. Possible side effects
Very often
Feeling alone, neglected contact, lose track of something/somebody
Claustrophobia, aching skin cells, heart loss
Dying of loneliness, dying of epidermis, fading away

by beeld Nepco/ tekst Kat Kreeberg


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