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One and a half NAP

A discussion with scientists about the impact of the pandemic on the city

One and a half NAP is a podcast in which Sjoerd ter Borg asks scientists about the structural impact of the pandemic on the city of Amsterdam. Each episode features two interviews with the same researcher that took place about a year apart. Did they change their mind during this year?

When all exhibitions of artist Sjoerd ter Borg were cancelled in April 2020 he, like so many Dutch people, decided to record a podcast. Armed with a microphone and pop filter he, together with researchers of the Centre for

Urban Studies and the Amsterdam Centre for Urban History at Amsterdam University, went for a walk through various city neighbourhoods to see the urban environment from their perspective.

Unlike in other podcasts the concept of time is at the centre of this series, or rather: the passage of time and how this affects the way we think. The first interviews with these scientists took place during the first wave of 2020 when we still knew very little, and the second round of interviews took place ten months later, during which they could revisit their earlier analyses. Together with Jeske Blauw’s sound design, the recordings were merged into one episode reflecting this passage of time.

This podcast was partially funded by the Seed XL Grant from the Centre for Urban Studies at Amsterdam University.

This room is curated by:
Sjoerd ter Borg


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