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Humans of Amsterdam

Since 2012, I have been portraying and writing stories about people on the streets of Amsterdam. Together these stories form the project Humans of Amsterdam. I have photographed a couple of thousand humans, and the project has more than 550,000 followers worldwide.

When the pandemic broke out and people disappeared from the streets. I was insecure about the future of Humans of Amsterdam and wondered how long it would take before I could get back to work. The streets were empty in the first few weeks. Luckily, people eventually returned  on the streets. No one could stay inside every day.

In this room, I would like to show you a selection of stories I collected. I encountered these people on the street in the first year and a half of the pandemic. In my project, I have always been looking for human stories characteristic of the person standing before me. The stories are always about people themselves and I have not deviated from my working method during the pandemic. Of course, the pandemic has a significant impact on society, and the small and large obstacles it entails can be found through these stories of the humans of Amsterdam.

This room is curated by:
Debra Barraud

This room is curated by:
Debra Barraud


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