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The unlocked city

Corona gone from the city?

The sighs fade away. Public life is re-emerging, the lockdown lifted step by step. Finally we can dance again. The city is opening up.

Now that the corona measures are being lifted one by one, the hustle and bustle of the city is slowly but surely increasing again. Shops, markets, squares and terraces are filling up, people are meeting each other again in theatres, museums, clubs, stadiums and sport clubs.

In this gallery we follow the re-opening of the city. How do the residents of Amsterdam deal with a reopening city? Does it still feel a bit odd or are we eager to take the bait? Are the basic rules becoming less of a burden now that a fully reopened city beckons on the horizon, or is it more difficult to remain patient in this rapidly changing environment? Will we return to the ‘old normal’ as soon as possible, or will we manage to fulfil our promises of a different future? And for whom is the city opening up? And for whom not yet? Will there be new inequalities? Will people or sectors be excluded from this unlocked city?

In this gallery you can see uncertain as well as happy faces. You can hear clapping during the European Hockey Championships. The words ‘easing’, ‘open’ and ‘hoarding’ are taking on a different meaning. After five months a market vendor receives his first ‘lucky note’, a matchmaker asks when was the last time you had a date with a random person, and a teacher is over the moon to see her children again. After fifteen months of silence you can hear the thumping techno beats in Paradiso again. At night somewhere along the river Amstel a ‘happy chap’ is riding his bike unsteadily home. It is once again an open city.

This room is curated by:
Monique Vermeulen


Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West