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In the digital exhibition Corona in the City, the Amsterdam Museum, together with 40 partner organisations and many local people, shows the impact of the coronavirus on the city and its inhabitants. During the online public program, Margriet Schavemaker (artistic director) and Maurice Seleky (head of communication and marketing) invite curators, artists, and others to talk about their exhibition rooms.


Intimacy in the city

Future in the City

Culture in the city

Unrest in the city

15 mei

Youth in the City

15 mei

1 year Corona in the City

15 mei

Episode 7

Imara Limon (curator, Amsterdam Museum) and Luciano de Boterman (photographer) will join us to talk about the Black Lives Matter room. Fouad Lakbir (storytelling coach), Ilias Zian (programme maker, OBA) and Wilco Tuinebrijer (psychiatrist and curator) will present their rooms. Architectural critic René Boer will also discuss the city without urbanity, and we will talk to anthropology research students on studying during the time of corona.

25 June 2020

Episode 6

A poetic edition of our talk show Corona in the City Live at the Amsterdam Museum, with contributions by, among others, Amsterdam’s poet laureate Gershwin Bonevacia. Noraly Beyer (newsreader) also talks about her choice of a poem by Derek Walcott. Diana Ozon & Mathilde muPe (artists) and José Boon & Paul Knevel (public historians) discuss their submissions.

18 June 2020

Episode 5

In this episode Omar Adalhak (artist) talks about his written piece for the site, in which he recounts his recent experiences in the city. Yassine Boussaid (De Meervaart) and Judith Hoekstra (Jewish Cultural Quarter) come to talk about their rooms. Subsequently, Sara Luijters (journalist) and Lin Woldendorp (photographer) are guests for their photo series Amsterdam op de Stoep.

11 June 2020

Episode 4

On 4 June Kitty Weber, Louis Vissere, Joke Stijnman, and Lieve van Lent will be guests with their contributions on facemasks. The second panel, with Aukje Dekker and Arthur van Beek (Sexyland) and photographer and artist Willemieke Kars, will focus on their critical selections from all the submissions for Corona in the City.

4 June 2020

Episode 3

In this episode, Vanessa Vroon leads a conversation with Ronald Kroon (Euromoslim) and Nancy Berk (Zusters voor Zusters ) about the experience of Ramadan in times of corona. Charley Fiedeldij Dop (Pakhuis de Zwijger), Ewa Scheifes (Stichting NDSM-werf) and Govert Flint (artist) talk about their rooms and submissions. In the last panel Josien Pieterse (Framer Framed), Tunc Top (artist) and Elke Uitentuis (artist) will have their say.

28 May 2020

Episode 2

On 21 May we will talk to Kees Blijleven (Theater De Krakeling), Ifgencio Lieveld (pupil) and Heleen Terwijn (IMC Weekend School) about the impact of corona on children. Next, Lemuël de Graav will be the guest with a spoken word performance. In the last panel, Xandra Schutte (De Groene Amsterdammer) talks about her magazine’s room, and Geeske Hattuma (television maker) about her series of submissions.

21 May 2020

Episode 1

The first episode of Corona in the City will be officially opened by mayor Femke Halsema. Subsequently, the presenters will talk to guest curators Tom van der Molen (Amsterdam Museum) and Jörgen Tjon A Fong (Urban Myth). Kim Marquardt (intensive care nurse), Marja de Kinderen (Slechthorend Amsterdam), Dick Glastra van Loon (Eigenwijks Nieuw West), and Fouad Lakbir (storytelling coach) will each talk about their contributions. The last panel is about how the art world reacted to corona, with Tanja Karreman (Nieuw Dakota), Jacqueline Grandjean (Oude Kerk) and theatre makers Mara van Nes and Sem Jonkers.

15 May 2020


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