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A party for two

“We met while dancing salsa in the park. That night we talked and danced for hours. I liked him immediately. Still, it took him two years before he asked me out on a date. We went to a nice restaurant, and from that moment on, we were in a relationship. We both have very strong personalities so we often clashed. We had many ups and downs. After three years we broke up. We both needed space to deal with our issues and egos. Fortunately, after our breakup, we remained good friends. During my burnout, he was the one who rushed to me whenever I had a panic attack. Last year he turned 55, and I decided to surprise him on his birthday. I wrote ”Happy birthday Michael” with chalk on the sidewalk right under his window. That evening, I invited him over for a party for two because of the lockdown and I cooked his favorite meal. I had no intention of getting back together, but after his birthday, it just happened. Being back together feels still very new to me. I do think we have grown a lot. We live in the same neighborhood, but we don’t have to see each other every day. We both need space, and that’s why our relationship works. I know he is always there for me. Whether we are dating or not.”

by Debra Barraud


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