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The city stands still, at this moment we are even more dependent on ourselves; instead of everything continuing in acceleration, a certain peace has settled over us. Through this physical stillness we could come into even more contact with our own bodies, but is that also true? How do you make the decision to take time for yourself? How do we as women take the space and dare to admit, among other things to ourselves, that this can be important and enjoyable? And how do we do that when we are constantly sitting at home with our partner at this time? Can we also take up that space? Corona brings us into a time of unrest, but at the same time also into a period where we can turn more to ourselves and observe how we are connected to our bodies. How often do we lie down with our eyes closed and feel and touch our body purely for a moment? With Solostories I want to open the conversation and offer an access through stories to think for ourselves what our relationship with our body is like and how we deal with it.

by Elin Visser


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam Soundtrackcity