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Caught in corona

This painting on canvas of 50 x 70 cm has been worked with marble paste. First a ring was made, in it again marble paste. On the still wet marble paste I put an anti-slip mat, now it looked as if they were bars. Trapped in the corona crisis. With yellow paint I painted around it but also squeezed in a tube of vaseline, I worked that vaseline with the hair dryer so it became liquid. Later I sprayed it with a spray can of blue, hence the spots of yellow that can be seen. The red is intense, it has such an impact. You usually see the coronavirus in blue or green, but it’s also in the blood. Hence painted in red. The painting is just painted in my kitchen, for me the best place to work. Within the family a sister-in-law of my brother and his wife died of the coronavirus. An older acquaintance who was admitted to the nursing home also died of the coronavirus. Worst of all, I don’t think it’s possible to go back and forth between visits. That’s why I call this painting, “Caught in corona. I can’t go no way, we can’t go no way.

by Minke Veenboer


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