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I am Ronald Kroon and one of the Imam Khatibs of Euromuslim Amsterdam. This means that on Friday I am one of the imams leading the Friday service. We are an originally Indonesian Mosque association founded by students in the 70’s and over the years we have become a multicultural club with Indonesian roots. Our mosque is located in Osdorp, where we got our own place in 2005. The video is actually an answer from me to the many questions I received about the prayer in this Coronation period. Because the mosque closed its doors just after the first press conference of the prime minister, there could not be a joint prayer at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The video was primarily meant to help Amsterdam Muslims by explaining how they could do the prayer with their own family and what ingredients this day has besides eating biscuits to make something special out of it. According to the reactions this has been successful for a large number of us. The delicious Eid chocolate was a gift for my parents. During this month it is extra nice to get presents, but also to give them to people who are dear to you, especially since we all can’t see each other very often because of the virus. My parents love chocolates and when I found this egg chocolate at the chocolaterie it was an easy addition. Of course we visited them for a short while during the Sugar Festival and because of that we were able to eat along with the praline.

by Ronald Kroon


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