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Working from home – exercise is healthy!

Margo van Mispelaar, employment consultant at Werkpad Groot – Amsterdam and Flevoland explains

We’re home a lot. One tries to work at home, the other wants to work.

Maintaining a fixed rhythm is pleasant and gives structure. I notice by myself that I miss movement. Not that I am such an athlete, but I notice that I normally move a lot more. The trips through the hallway to the printer, getting a cup of coffee, walking to the company restaurant and so on.

We all know that moving is healthy:


  • Takes care of it: Relaxation
  • Gives: Energy
  • Keep you: Weight on level

That’s why I’ve scheduled fixed moments at home to do a workout with my daughters. Every day one of us is responsible for it. Besides exercising, we have a lot of fun and sociability. I would like to share some exercises of our work-out.

Werkpad is a reintegration company for people with sensory impairment, language development disorder and autism. Werkpad offers help in finding a job and keeping a job Werkpad is a collaboration between Bartiméus and Kentalis.

by Margo van Mispelaar, arbeidsconsulent bij Werkpad Groot – Amsterdam en Flevoland


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