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Hearing-impaired Amsterdam

The silent world becomes even quieter

This room focuses on how local people with hearing problems experience their city in corona time.
There are more than 129,000 of them in Amsterdam. Being hearing impaired is an invisible disabil-ity. You often don’t see it, and people with hearing loss are not always aware of what they’re miss-ing. Shame and denial can play a role in this.
They often find social togetherness complicated, sometimes simply retreating and refraining from conversations and activities. Sometimes they are reluctant to look for a solution to their hearing problems, despite the increasing impact on their environment. And the world often pays little atten-tion to them. In the corona age, we see people with hearing loss being forced to retreat even further into their homes. The silent world becomes even more so.
The Hearing-Impaired Amsterdam community is an initiative of hearing coach and social entrepre-neur Marja de Kinderen. We publicise the options available to people with hearing issues, and ways of making the city more accessible, by organizing network meetings, publishing a monthly newslet-ter, and gaining social media coverage.

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