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Hearing impaired understand less because of plexic screens in shops and counters

Everywhere you see anti-corona screens at the cash registers of shops and counters. It is an effective means of protecting customers and employees.

Fortunately, you can do without speech. Unfortunately a lot of voice is lost so you miss what you could otherwise understand.

One of my tips is to use solo equipment and/or a speech-to-text app. This is sometimes easier said than done, because the signals can block quickly.

So says Sylvia from Amsterdam North:

“I used the speech-to-text app Live Transcription at the bakery last Friday. I explained to the saleswoman how difficult the distance between her and me was and that’s why I used the app. The distance between her and me was about 35cm. The perplexed screen was in between. Unfortunately the screen blocked the signal of the app. Fortunately, we could understand each other with some difficulty and the assignment was simple: PAY”.

It would be nice if people with hearing loss could also use the induction loop in shops, for example at the OV Servicewinkels and information points at the NS railway station.

by Marja de Kinderen, Slechthorend Amsterdam


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