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Idea Library for Crisis and Community

In September 2020, social artist Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries started his residency in Werkplaats Molenwijk, a communal space and artist’s residence in Amsterdam-Noord that offers space for connecting the neighborhood with cultural initiatives. Himmelsbach’s residency lasted two months, during which he was present every week from Wednesday to Friday.

For his residency, Himmelsbach worked on an idea library containing 120 sketch plans for social interventions that he developed in dialogue with neighbors in the context of a global pandemic. During the consultation hours, local residents were able to contribute their own issues, to receive artistic reflection and to develop new ideas.

The result of his residency is printed in a limited edition of a fanzine in early December 2020 enriched with sketches and ideas gained in conversations with local residents. In the fanzine, the Himmelsbach Method is also introduced, where the reader is given “tools” to approach his own issues in a refreshing way. The fanzine is  in early December 2020.

Here you will find sketched examples for community projects and a look back on the issues that came up.

FANZINE: Ideeën voor crisis en gemeenschap (Fanzine is in Dutch)

by Domenique Himmelsbach


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam