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Text on Tap: Remote write interpreting faster and more easily available

Remote writing has accelerated in these coronation times for people with hearing loss.

Remote interpreting had been possible for some time, but the procedure was cumbersome for both the interpreter and the user. The previous application used too much bandwidth from the internet and made high demands on the wifi. There were examples of applications in England and America,’ writes interpreter Gea Duister, ‘only they didn’t work in the Netherlands.

Because of corona, working and writing on the spot is not possible.  That’s why Text on Tap, developed by software/ hardware developer Sander Pasveer, together with writer Davy de Brujn from the Schrijfhuis, has been given such a boost. Davy de Brujn is best known for the subtitles of the Formula 1 races. Sander Pasveer has previously developed Tekst on Top and the Velotype PRO keyboard for writing interpreters.

Sander Pasveer wanted subtitles to be just as easily available as water from the tap. Without too much hassle the text should come out of the tap. Go “open the tap and tap… read along for the user with hearing loss”.

And we did it. The interpreters have quickly mastered the method, by following workshops given by Davy de Bruijn and Sander Pasveer.

How does Text on Tap work?

Text on Tap is a “text streaming system” specially developed for streaming real-time text. User(s) receive a link in advance to a secure environment where they can read the subtitles. The interpreter participates in the online meeting platform, types in what everyone says and streams her interpreting text live to the relevant browser. In this way, users can directly read the text of what is being said. Some users switch between the online image on the laptop of the meeting or meeting and a tablet or mobile phone where the interpreter’s text is stored. Text can also be read on the same screen using a special overlay program. A child can do the laundry.

Text on Tap can be used with all online video calling services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Facetime. Multiple participants can work with the same link. It is also possible to make a combination of a writing interpreter and a sign interpreter.

Subtitling of Formula 1 races is also possible.

You can watch Formula 1 races subtitled via YouTube and Text on Tap. You can also subtitle TV broadcasts and lectures in this way.


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