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Freedom chip in the street of Hard of Hearing Amsterdam

Freedom is participating in hearing loss

In the Ruyschstraat in the Weesperzijdestrook we have a very active neighborhood cafe in which all kinds of nice things are announced. For example, there was the freedom chip on May 5, Liberation Day of Superhallo, theatre for the senses. Just like on King’s Day, Selina and Martijn baked fries for our entire street in the Weesperzijdestrook, with a message: “What does freedom mean to you and share these thoughts with your neighbours”. We chose the slogan ‘Freedom is participating with hearing loss’.

The fries from Superhallo, theatre for the senses, tasted delicious and it was so much fun to get a fries bag with the text: “Freedom is participating with hearing loss. Thank you Selina and Martijn!

Chip shop from home

On King’s Day, Selina Houwing and Martijn Jansen provided our entire street with fries in the same special way from home. Do you want to know how? Take a look at the video on the website of the AD.

by Marja de Kinderen, Slechthorend Amsterdam


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