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Working differently – never too old to learn

Arlette van Scheppingen, labour consultant Werkpad regio Groot – Amsterdam & Flevoland explains

Although I no longer come to clients’ homes or meet them at the office, fortunately I still speak to a number of people on the phone (with or without an image). It’s new to only speak to each other online. Sometimes it’s a bit of a search for the right form.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this situation. We have to go along with what’s coming our way. ‘Go with the flow’ as it is so beautifully called in English. How simple that sounds. How do you deal with it in this day and age? Structure is very important. Work in blocks and give yourself ‘playtime’ too. The sunshine helps me. Have a cup of coffee/tea in the garden. For some people the sun can’t be nice at all. All that glare in your eyes. A cap and/or dark glasses helps when you’re outside or the curtains closed in the house. If you work at home, it helps if you are on the north side of the house. In this way we keep adjusting ourselves and looking for a solution, going along with what is coming our way.

I spent a lot of time in the car on my way to clients. I thought that was the least fun part of my job, because I’m not working effectively and had no customer contact. Now that I don’t have the travel time anymore, I noticed that it had a function. I didn’t have to do anything, just focus on the road and distance myself from work.

Now I sit much more in front of my computer and miss my rides. I find that a nice insight and realize that this is because of the current situation. I learn every day. It forces me to look at things differently and appreciate the little things in life even more.

Werkpad is a reintegration company for people with sensory impairment, language development disorder and autism. Werkpad offers help in looking for work and keeping a job Werkpad is a collaboration between Bartiméus and Kentalis.

by Arlette van Scheppingen, arbeidsconsulent Werkpad regio Groot – Amsterdam & Flevoland


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