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The World After #6: Our Value’s Value

Artist Stéphanie Saadé was connected to Oude Kerk during her 2018-19 residency in Amsterdam, sponsored by AFK (3 Package Deal). She is currently at home in Beirut. There, too, the pandemic has had an important impact. But it is not the first time that the lives of the Lebanese are turned upside down. In fact, they could never take stability and security for granted. Massive protests broke out on October 17, 2019 and as one of the results in the art world a major art festival (Home Works 8) was cancelled. The unrest still hasn’t cleared and has just become latent since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. It had made daily life, such as accessing money in the bank, complicated or impossible, and the current sanitary crisis continues to affect citizens, including artists as well; they again have to deal with postponed or cancelled exhibitions, disappointment, and the inability to realise their work and achieve their projects. Yet Saadé is also optimistic: although we are less active, whether it’s physically or professionally, our minds are bulging with thoughts and new ideas.

by Stéphanie Saadé


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