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Old Church

The World After

This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come[1].

With the prophetic installation Poems for Earthlings in the Old Church (on view again from June 1), Adrián Villar Rojas poses a number of important questions about how we treat each other and the world, what we protect and why. In these pandemic times we are facing important questions. For example, those about totalitarian surveillance or empowerment of citizens and the choice for nationalistic isolation or global solidarity. Because of the major consequences these choices have for the future of our world, imagination and reflection is in everyone’s interest. Mister Motley and Oude Kerk therefore decided in March to commission artists for a number of short films. What might the world look like after this? In the meantime 11 films have been delivered. The World After continues to grow until the virus is extinguished.

With these commissions we realize new works, thoughts about this time and the decisions we are going to make and we help artists in a financially difficult time. All artists receive equal compensation for their contribution.

[1] Yuval Noah Harari, 20 03 2020


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