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Just Breast

JUST BREAST’s current project “Let’s leave a mark” celebrates the most natural part of humans, their breasts and brings art to our consciousness. Feeling paint on our breasts helps us to connect internally and allows a deeper understanding of our own body in relation to ourselves.

Romina Moradi is an artist who designs creative playgrounds where one uses their breasts to paint. Giving participants the confidence to create more meaningful connections by reflecting the unique and complex differences between women. She defuses the predetermined perception of the female body and presents the artworks for exactly what it is. The celebration of the women making art, sharing stories and raising breast cancer awareness have been facilitated through workshops since 2016.

Ambar Surastri joined the project in 2019, moderating the Just Breast workshops by sharing her loving wisdom and hopes to create a spark amongst the participants in order for them to leave their mark. During this project she was diagnosed with breast cancer and wish to open a debate regarding this and other breast related topics for those interested and in need of information.

The safe circle Just Breast is creating is one to help us celebrate being a woman, trans, they, a human being. Honor all that make us unique and unite us in sisterhood.

by Romina Moradi & Ambar Surastri


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