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We Sell Reality: Separation(2021)

As a continuation of the Homeless Quarantine series, for which We Sell Reality documented the survival of a group of refugees in limbo during the first Corona wave, the collective is currently drawing out the following steps of this particular group of refugees in the Seperation series. Where the group was brought together during the first wave, all facing the same precarious circumstances, it fell apart as soon as the first lockdown was finished. The Seperation series is about the pain of the forced detachment, as well as it is about the endless waiting asylum seekers are subjected to.

 The Seperation series is made possible by Bank Giro Loterij Fonds, and presented in the room Shaping Feelings curated by Framer Framed.


The Separation series from left to right:


1. I blame the IND for breaking my heart

2. I am going to try one more time

3. When your life is not in your hands, you can push to force change whatever you want, you are always again put on hold

4. I have a bed, I get food every day, but no money, so there is not much I can do except for sleeping

5. Waiting for my procedure to start up in an old military camp that was built and used by the Germans during WOII, in the middle of nowhere

6. If we would be see as normal people, why there is police right in front of our doors controlling if we don’t break the quarantaine?

7. Justice too long delayed is justice denied – Martin Luther King

8. It’s hard to keep on dreaming when you are cold to the bones


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