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Frigiti Tori : Untold Stories, Shared History (Haidy)


Frigiti Tori

Untold Stories, Shared History

Frigiti Tori, which translated from Surinam means forgotten stories, is a collaboration with the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Homing developed a series of workshops that integrate the structure of gaming in the forgotten stories of the first generation elderly Surinam in the Netherlands. The four essential parts are: Selection, Specific, Refinement and Respective.

Framer Framed facilitates the workshops and presentation together with Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten.

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The Suriname coat of arms was adopted on November 25, 1975. The motto is Justitia – Pietas – Fides (“Justice – Piety – Faithfulness”). It consists of two indigenous men wearing shields; a merchant ship on the water that represents Suriname’s colonial past as a source of cash crops and its current involvement in international trade; the royal palm represents both the rainforest that covers two-thirds of the country and the country’s involvement in agribusiness; the diamond represents mining; the star symbolizes the five continents from which the inhabitants of Suriname emigrated.


On Haidy’s dining room wall hangs a wooden ‘bow and arrow’ artwork with red and white pom poms.


Haidy growing Suriname vegetables and plants inside her home in Amsterdam West.


Haidy growing Suriname vegetables and plants inside her home in Amsterdam West.


Sopropo (Bitter Melon), Croton and Antroewa.


Modern etiquette in a face filter. The postcard was once a highly anticipated delivery, we would bite the mailman’s ankles until he arrived, we were so eager to receive one to read a few words from those you love who were far away. Nowadays with our online status changes in seconds, we have been working on creating coronafied digital postcards, which can be sent around the world in minutes. Loved ones near and far can send a personalized message. Haidy’s message was: Kies Jouw Juiste Pad which translates to English as choose your own path.


by Homing (Charlaine Reval & Laura O'Neill)


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