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At the end of 2016, Framer Framed initiated a study in Molenwijk, carried out by a group of Master’s students in Sociology from the UvA. This research, led by Adeola Enigbokan, consisted of fieldwork in the neighborhood and was intended to get to know the neighborhood and map the cultural needs of Molenwijk residents. This revealed, among other things, that activities for young adults – especially for young women – are limited.

With the project Future Today at Werkplaats Molenwijk, we focus on young women aged 16-17 years who are going through a difficult time due to corona and who enjoy developing themselves creatively. The focus is on research into who they are and what their wishes are for the future. The starting point is today and the situation the participants are in:

What are you doing today? What is your ideal image for 6.7 years from now? What does your environment look like? What does it look like when you draw that? What would you like to change? Maybe there are things you have to let go of to get there? What would be your first step today to get there? Future Today’s goal is empowerment through creative self-expression, positive (self) reinforcement and imagination of one’s own identity and the future. In doing so, we want to stimulate the connection with the environment, the world and others.

The entire result of the project is designed into a booklet and can be viewed from this link.


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