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Conversations between daughter and her parents at home continue online

Two screenshots describe two stories.

1. An online conversation between my 7 year-old daughter and her mom operating from two devices under one account.

During COVID-19, we are more attached to our digital devices.
One day, my daughter asked me to check my smartphone which was contrary to what she did. I was confused.
I read messages as shown in attachment 1 where she wrote sweet messages to show her love to me. First part was typed by my daughter in Dutch and the 2nd part was the answer from me which was typed in Chinese. I replied: “I love you very much! emoji+emoji”.

She discovered in *WeChat App, the same user can use two devices to send messages to himself/herself. Therefore she logged in with my WeChat Account on her IPad starting sending messages to my IPhone.

*WeChat App is a super app of our age which I use on a daily basis to stay connected with my working relations and family in China.

2. The second screen shot was a conversation between my daughter and her dad.
This time, my husband created a few humorous Gifs in WeChat and sent to our daughter. The Gifs were so funny and we could not stop laughing.

To sum up:
Stay positive & creative and show our love for each other are our recipes during this special period of time at home.

door Miki Dai


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