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Virus Stories – Jesper Buursink talks to sex worker Melissa

Excerpt from the NTR potcast Virus Stories – #15 – Bird’s eye view 3

In the podcast Virus Stories we get behind the front door during the corona crisis, past the quarantine tapes of the nursing home and in the home classroom. We hear how people still try to reach each other and encourage each other. But also how things sometimes go wrong. In this last episode #Bird’s eye view 3 of Virus Stories we’re in the ninth week of the intelligent lockdown and we’ve been through it as good and as bad as it goes so far. In this last episode we travel through the Netherlands once more to collect stories. How is life for e.g. sex worker Melissa in Amsterdam? Is there a way to have corona safe sex?

Virus Stories is produced by Radio Doc for NPO Radio 1.
Concept, direction and editing: Heleen Hummelen.
Research, production and recording: Wieky de Boer, Kika Booy, Jesper Buursink and Renet Ponsen.
Presentation: Jair Stein. Production and PR: Liza Titawano. Final editing: Ottoline Rijks.

door Jesper Buursink


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