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No One Knows

 No One Knows             
                                                 by Barbara Stewart

         Mother Earth despairs of Humankind
         of our neglect
         our disrespect

         Of those in power
         who hour by hour
         take and hate
         Whose hearts are black
         with greed and fear
         Who hate themselves
         and hate each other
         Delight to see
         their brothers suffer
         Who kill and maim
         for selfish gain
         She is wary of Mankind
         Of brutal UnKindman

         Who choses
         to use and abuse
         Who is indespicably 
         cruel to animals
         Who violates nature
         Is blind to the indescribable
         beauties of Mother Earth
         Is ignorant of her worth
         Who only enjoys to destroy
         She is forsaken by such men
         So many chances
         she has given again and again
         In return she is raped and diseased
         Riddled with floods and fires
         ruined by Mankind's selfish desires
         Mother Earth does not need Man to survive
         This virus persists
         We resist as much as we can-
         being Man
         Could it be-weary of protecting us
         She now seeks to reject us ?
         Or is it's source
         the deeds of Powerful Evil Man
         seeking to bring others
         down to their knees
         To steal their freedom
         To satisfy his greed
         for more power?
         Or is the Animal Kingdom
         so long used and abused
         seeking it's revenge ?
         No one knows
         We can only suppose
         The virus mutates and grows-
         Overpowers us
         Dominates, divides, destroys
         Breeds fear, distrust, frustration, anger
         violence, alienation, despair
         And where is caring GentleMan ?
         Whose spirit is kind
         who understands
         His deeds are good
         his heart is strong
         Where does he belong ?
         He loves his brothers
         Seaks to heal the poisonous wounds
         of Bloody War
         The suffering of others
         he cannot ignore
         He who struggles to right the wrong
         Where does he belong ?

         Who protects, respects
         the Animal Kingdom
         He who cares for children
         Is aware of the astounding beauties
         of Mother Earth
         Who strives to protect her worth
         He who stuggles to right the wrong
         Where does he belong?

         His voice is low
         He cannot be heard
         Above the deafening screech
         of Evil words
         So those of us who can speak--speak out--shout.
         Those of us who can act--act 
         Those who can give--give 
         Those who can love--love 
         Embrace the light and energy from above
         And hope and pray with Mother Earth                                                               
         for the coming of the day
         of Man's rebirth 

                                                        November 2021

The original inspiration for this poem came from a photograph I saw in a leaflet received from the action group Varkens in Nood whom I support. A member of the group worked
temporarily undercover in a slaughterhouse in Gelderland, and took photos of how the pigs were treated on being hurded in. One photograph showed how these innocent, young, unsuspecting animals were beaten and given electric shocks before meeting their horrific deaths.
The photo arose a deep-seated anger in me at how cruel humankind can be towards animals; towards each other; and to the Planet Earth as a whole.
As if we do not deserve to live here. Can the corona virus be a means towards our extinction along with the destructive forces of climate change?
A far-fetched thought maybe….but….No One Knows. There is always hope and a belief in the inherent goodness of Mankind.

Footnote : The slaughterhouse was closed for two months until conditions for the animals improved, and is still under increased supervision.
I myself do not eat meat.

door Barbara Stewart


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