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Nature in a lockdown city

The corona pandemic has had a huge impact on people, the economy and nature. This impact can clearly be seen through personal stories, pictures, videos and audio files. The Amsterdam Museum has set up a website,, where you can read the personal stories of Amsterdam residents and how they have experienced the pandemic. We are seven students who grew up in various parts of the country. All of us are currently studying Applied Biology at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Almere.

Since, after hundreds of contributions by Amsterdam residents were received, there were very few stories about the pandemic’s impact on nature, we were asked to collect stories about the natural spaces in Amsterdam before, after and particularly during the lockdown. After all, our study is all about animals, plants and nature.

We went out into Amsterdam to look for both remarkable and recognisable stories that accurately capture the impact of the pandemic on the natural spaces of Amsterdam. Our efforts resulted in a diverse collection of stories, photographs, audio files and graphs. We are taking you on a journey through Amsterdam, from pet shops to city parks with kingfishers and from the Amsterdam canals to people’s personal experiences of nature during the pandemic.

This room is curated by:
Margreet van Middelkoop, Emmy Nijhuis, Zoë Dijkstra, Mailo De Rooij, Didi Serényi, Arie Ebbenhorst en Joran IJsseldijk.


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