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Nature spotting in Amsterdam is a website where everyone can share with the rest of the world which plant of animal they have seen. Every year this website gathers more and more information about the locations of specific plants and animals in the Netherlands. These data are collected by professional biologists, but everyone can contribute to the website. Some people like to spend their leisure time bird watching in the woods whereas others like to watch the birds in the garden through the window.

People have been spending more time at home during the pandemic and this has been the impetus for many to find a new hobby. Exploring nature is a fun activity that also happens to be good for you. You learn something new and it is healthy to spend time outdoors.

There has been an increase in the amount of people who report their observations to the website year on year. The graphs show how many observations and observers there are in Amsterdam in any given year. In 2020 the number of observations increased compared to previous years but this is part of a 15-year trend that shows an increase year on year. So far it does not look as if 2020 was exceptional.

The number of fish observations was 8669 in 2015, but this was probably the result of the major count that had been organised for that year.


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