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Washing Hands by artists’ initiative Building Conversations

Building Conversations approached the first Constantijn Huygen street to have people wash each other’s hands in an installation in times when patients had hardly any physical contact with the outside world. Where also the contact between clients and care has changed enormously. and where more distance is the general rule. We thought it was a great idea and after a corona committee found the way of hand washing corona proof, we started organising it. Everyone can participate, clients, staff and people from the neighborhood.
Even when the clinic seems to be shielded we think it’s important to give them some insight. One of the clients phrases it as follows: In the press, on television, there is a lot of talk about vulnerable groups in the Corona reports. Hardly anything is said about psychiatric patients.

On Wednesday 10 June there will be a second afternoon of Washing Hands. A report in images and text follows.

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About Washing Hands

Washing Hands is a ritual designed to bring physical contact back into the public space. By each taking a seat on one side of the plate and washing each other’s hands with soap, the possibility to touch each other’s hands again is created. This arrangement also offers the opportunity to speak to each other in a different way. How do we talk to each other now, in the time of Corona? What does the social distance (the very limited visit) and the lack of physical contact with where we relate to each other? Do we become distant from it again, or does a new kind of closeness arise, a different way of being connected?

by wilco tuinebreijer


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