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I took my second photo for my new iPhone-only book ‘Amsterdam in the time of corona’ in the tunnel of the Rijksmuseum. The boy got the picture.

Silent Amsterdam still felt surreal that afternoon. I was also whispering all the time. As time passed, the last seven weeks, the empty streets became my living room. Every day I lived on the streets for hours. With André Hazes and Philip Glass on my ears. I got my cup of coffee from sweethearts on the Warmoesstraat. The homeless became my housemates. I had so many beautiful dialogues. I now understand much more about the simplicity of life. Everything breathes in the city, especially with and thanks to each other.

One more week to go. I’ll be done by then.

My dear Amsterdam, I’m even more in love than before.

“The city belongs now
To a few singles
Like I…
Who love deserted streets
To just say out loud
Being able to talk in yourself

It’s quiet in Amsterdam”

by Annet de Graaf


Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West