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Amsterdam resident takes dinosaur out for a walk during the curfew

3 February 2021

Some people were lucky enough to observe an extraordinary scene last Saturday night at the Stopera: law enforcers came across a runner accompanied by a man in a dinosaur suit. On a leash and all. ‘They were able to see the funny side of it’.

The original plan had been to go for a run through the city dressed as four dinosaurs . A group of friends wanted to see who was the fastest runner in a dinosaur suit on a 10 km run. Everyone contributed 95 euro, which is how much the fine is for curfew violations. The winner would win the pot.

But two of the four inflatable suits turned out to be defective and so the friends decided to run as pairs. ‘You are officially allowed to walk your dog after 9pm so we thought: why not take your dinosaur for a walk? We even had the dinosaur on a leash’, says Stefan, who ran more than 5 km in a boiling hot suit.

Many Amsterdam residents were amused by the antics of these gentlemen. ‘We were applauded quite a lot, also from people’s balconies, go dino! An old granny told us: nice way to stay fit! The friends hoped to get away with their stunt but were aware they might get stopped, which was what happened at the Stopera. The law enforcers did let them off lightly though, only the owner was fined, the dinosaur on a leash got away with a caution.

by AT5


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