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Frigiti Tori : Untold Stories, Shared History (Bob)


Frigiti Tori

Untold Stories, Shared History

Frigiti Tori, which translated from Surinam means forgotten stories, is a collaboration with the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Homing developed a series of workshops that integrate the structure of gaming in the forgotten stories of the first generation elderly Surinam in the Netherlands. The four essential parts are: Selection, Specific, Refinement and Respective.

Framer Framed facilitates the workshops and presentation together with Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten.



Image description from left to right:

1. The Kawai.

The Maroons, live in the midlands of Suriname. They dance the awasa for festive occasions and for fun. The awasa is a dance with graceful movements performed by your hands and arms, for example; in honor of a birthday or other festive occasions. The kawai is worn around the ankles during the dance. Kawai are anklets with seeds around them that make a strong rhythmic sound when dancing. The kawai are in support of the music and the awasa.


From his living room in Amsterdam Southeast, Bob tells his poignant story about his transmigration; from villages in Suriname and finally over to the Netherlands.



2. Schoolchildren

A school class with children just before the flooding of the village of Ganze. Ganze was the largest village along the Suriname River. You could follow your education in Ganze up to primary school. For your high school education, you moved to the capital paramaribo.

3. The dam

The construction of the Van Blommenstein reservoir, now called the Brokopondomeer, had many consequences for the population who lived there. Many villages were flooded to build the reservoir. The village of Ganze, like many other villages, is no longer there. Ganze was the largest village along the Suriname River. The entire area that has been flooded and is about the same size as the province of Utrecht.

4. The churchtower

The church tower is one of many silent witnesses to the flooding caused by the construction of the reservoir and the transmigration of the population of the region. You also see many treetops of trees that were flooded. Bob’s mother was one of the last people buried in the village of Ganze before the flood and transmigration.

5. Bob vertelt-gif

We created face filters as a contemporary postcard to send to family and friends, here’s Bob with the Surinamese flag. Bob was born in the village of Ganze in the 1940s. He belongs to the Maroon population of Suriname. Years after his transmigration from Ganze to Bronsweg and Klaaskreek, he has lived in the Netherlands with his wife and children since the 1990s.


We are developing digital characters to share and tell the stories.

by Homing (Charlaine Reval & Laura O'Neill)


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