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Book biker for the Amsterdam Public Library

Since late March, members of the Amsterdam Public Library aged 67 years and over have been receiving phone calls asking if they would like to receive a book parcel to counter the loneliness. A wonderful example of the many wonderful campaigns that emerged during this period. People are asked what type of books they like to read and based on this information, a parcel with five different books is put together. The parcel is then sanitised thoroughly and packaged for transport. Students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and staff of the Public Library Amsterdam deliver the book parcels by bike. Mathijs is one of these volunteers: ‘In daily life I work in the theatre and therefore I am always inside. The nice thing about being a book biker is being outside and of course especially the contact with the people to whom I deliver the books. Everyone is extremely grateful. It is worth the effort of cycling all around the city.’

by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam / Photo by: Sake Rijpkema


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