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Artis Zoo starts fundraising campaign with defecating animals

Artis Zoo was forced to close its doors no less than three times this year because of corona. When the zoo was open it was only allowed to receive less than half the normal number of visitors. The zoo has lost income to the tune of 10 million euros, resulting in dozens of redundancies. Other zoos were financially affected as well. This is why the government pledged 39 million euros to support the zoos. Some local authorities are also providing support in the form of grants and loans. The Dutch Zoo Association says the survival of some zoos hangs precariously in the balance. This is why, as of 23 December, you can help support Artis Zoo with an amount of your choice through Tikkie. The campaign will also be shared on social media and is accompanied by pictures of defecating zebras, fish and elephant as a wink to a ‘shitty’ 2020.
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