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A New Year

                          A New Year                    by   Barbara Stewart
       I wake
       From disturbing dreams
       Draw the curtains
       To the long blank white page of day
       Hoping for a better way

       I sit
       In my favourite armchair
       Facing the window

       I stare 
       Into the pale grey skies
       The trees are still and bare
       The only movement is of birds
       Swooping sea-gulls
       The chatter and flutter of a magpie pair 

        This---a New Year
        While twenty-twenty is in ashes
        Corona survives
        Thrives on our despair and fear
        Always near

                     The damage done
        I, for one
        Wait in hope
        To recover some inner peace and calm
        In the days to come
                      In twenty-twenty-one

         In lockdown


A New Year. Finally, the calamitous pandemic year of 2020 is over. But the suffering isn’t. The virus, the despair, the fear, the instability are still here. We are in partial lockdown. The curfew has arrived.

I wrote this English poem on 4 January to get my depressed feelings on paper. The streets were empty. My days feel empty. But I also felt a kind of hope for a new start. Time to recover. Time to regain inner peace and face the future optimistically.

by Barbara Stewart


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