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A hero badge for Jurian

The healthcare heroes, the fire brigade heroes, the heroes among the BOA officers and the police. But also the Amsterdam heroes and their heart-warming initiatives. And all the other residents of Amsterdam that help others… They all deserve our appreciation. Especially now.

The City of Amsterdam has created the campaign ‘Love Your Hero’ to celebrate the people of Amsterdam who are doing something good for somebody else in this difficult corona time. Amsterdam residents can apply for an Amsterdam Hero Badge for their hero.

Warm heart for: Jurian van der Meer, ambulance driver with Ambulance Amsterdam (the Amsterdam Ambulance service), based at OLVG (‘Onze Lieve Vrouwen Gasthuis’ hospital) West


Jurian drives the ambulance on a daily basis. ‘I want our voice to be heard and residents of Amsterdam to adhere to the rules.’

by Gemeente Amsterdam


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam