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Amsterdam Resilience

Resilience and connection in the city

As a result of the corona pandemic, Amsterdam sometimes has the look of a deserted city: no tourists, very little day visitors, and the residents of Amsterdam mainly hidden away at home. However, Amsterdam still remains Amsterdam, despite the empty streets and unusually quiet squares. The residents of our city refuse to hang their heads and are doing everything they can to stay busy and escape the loneliness. They remain patient, keeping faith and making the most of it by, for example, supporting each other and rediscovering the beauty of their city. That’s the resilience of Amsterdam.
In this gallery the City of Amsterdam wishes to introduce you to some wonderful initiatives – initiatives that are about supporting, consoling, inspiring or appreciating other people. The format of the initiatives varies each time, but they have one thing in common: these acts illustrate the resilience and connection within the city.

This room is curated by:
City of Amsterdam


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