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met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West

Amsterdam-West in lockdown

How can we make it through the Covid era and continue to inspire others? By writing, painting, singing, boxing, creating theatre, or walking the dog. With the video series We participate! twenty residents of Amsterdam-West tell us where they’ve found the strength to persevere and what it’s done for them.

Creativity is the common thread that runs through nearly every story. The participants, young and old, have all come up with clever solutions to keep in touch; they’re using this time to inspire their creativity. And, of course, they’re also dreaming and looking to the future, to things like the roller disco that will one day reopen.

During the second wave of the coronavirus, ZID Theater invited different people to share their personal experiences and motivations from the Covid era. ZID has a strong connection with local residents and has used this video series to empower people in their own neighbourhood.

We participate! was made possible thanks to Stadsdeel West.

met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West

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Lot Wuisman (ZID Theater)

Lot Wuisman earned her Master’s degree in Film Studies two years ago and now works as a producer at ZID Theater. Although she followed her heart into the performing arts, her talent for film proved particularly useful during the corona crisis. When everything moved online, and even performances were happening on video, her two great loves came together. She is honoured by the opportunity to create this video series for ZID Theater, along with theatre maker Daan Bosch.

ZID Theater – City Art & Performance Center is a cultural organisation based in Amsterdam. ZID produces the annual ExploreZ festival, stages multidisciplinary performances, and creates projects with professionals in the arts, urban talents, and city dwellers. ZID operates in the city, nationally, and internationally. ZID has its own space in the Kolenkitbuurt district, on the border of Amsterdam-West and Nieuw-West. ZID is a workspace, urban talent ‘development centre’, stage, and unifier!

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