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Corona testimonies Amsterdam-West

Stories of resilience from Amsterdam-West

Stories of intense grief and great joy. Candid descriptions of the power of poetry and music in uncertain times. Testimonies from neighbours taking care of each other. This is how people in Amsterdam-West are experiencing these historic times. It’s a district with a diverse population that is sharing its pain together but also its resilience. These stories show a part of the city that is standing tall and is always looking out for what is still possible.

CORONA TESTIMONIES is a multimedia series of narrative portraits of five residents in Amsterdam-West. They were interviewed by writer Warda El-Kaddouri and photographed by Vincent van Kleef. Their testimonies are voiced by five other residents of Amsterdam-West, while filmmaker Vanessa van Gasselt captures them on video. The readers then reflect on their neighbours’ stories from their own perspective. This space symbolises the powerful solidarity that exists in Amsterdam-West.

Corona Testimonies is a series of narrative portraits curated by Margreet van der Vlies of Operatie Periscoop and commissioned by Stadsdeel Amsterdam-West.

This room is curated by:
Margreet van der Vlies - Operatie Periscoop

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