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Black & LGBTQIA+

A timeless tribute to us

This room shows you how the black queer community is currently campaigning, rediscovering its power, blazing a trail and demanding a future with a different structure. The movement has already been going for some time and now that a new generation is coming up, they can no longer be stopped. The pandemic is making inequalities in today’s society relatable and visible for everyone; this reality is unavoidable.

On 25 July, during Amsterdam Pride Week, the Netherlands’ first-ever Black Pride was organised at a gathering on Museumplein.

In this room you can view: a selection from the photo series entitled Black Queer (Self) Love by Leonel Piccardo in collaboration with Naomie Pieter for the launch of the Black Pride (NL) human rights movement; prideful readings by Smita James organised by IHLIA x COC’s Shakespeare Club; a panel discussion organised by Perry Gits in collaboration with COC’s Shakespeare Club:’ I’m so into voguing’; an article from Oneworld: ‘How the anti-racism and queer movements have (re)connected’; video recordings of the Black Pride protest at Museumplein; photos of the Black Pride (NL) protest taken by Leonel Piccardo.

‘I chose these pieces because as a collection they portray the multi-layered nature of our reality and our desire for a new era. An era in which the totality of our humanity is recognised.’

The Black Queer Love photo series can be seen as a direct visual response to the BLM movement and contemporary Pride celebrations. The photo series is a counterweight to the constant online footage of black people being killed and suffering. At the same time it’s a response to the Black LGBTIQA+ community’s yearning for a more loving representation online and in the world.

Naomie Pieter

PS: Check out the trip to the protest here!

This room is curated by:
Naomie Pieter

Naomie Pieter (30) has an extensive repertoire when it comes to activism. She is one of the spokespersons for Kick Out Zwarte Piet, and under the moniker of Pon di Pride she organises events for bicultural LGBT people. She also (literally) takes to the barricades in her work as a choreographer. As an outspoken black queer woman, Naomie fights against racism and for the rights of LGBT people, but she has a strong sense that LGBT people of colour are being ignored. That’s why, two years ago she co-founded Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL, through which she aims to wake up white LGBT people as well as the black community. This year she co-founded Black Pride (NL).

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