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The COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of healthcare workers

Healthcare workers have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response, facing uncertainties and risks alongside their patients, and dealing with their own emotions and exhaustion as they support others. Their experiences offer valuable insights into the challenges and accomplishments of the early months of the pandemic and as it evolves. This project is part of the curators’ ongoing efforts to collect and archive these unfolding histories, so we can learn from them and address their impact in the future.

Medical history is often hard to collect, especially in the middle of a crisis, yet it is crucial to save and to study. We invite anyone working in healthcare, in hospital or home care settings, from emergency medicine to mental health services, to share their stories. Together, we can build a diverse record of the many ways health professionals – and their families – have been affected.

How will you remember this time, and what objects or images will have a special significance for you from now on? Submit your experiences, (pictures of) objects and images to our project.

Manon S. Parry, Professor of Medical History, VU University/University of Amsterdam (

Hugo Schalkwijk, Advisor to the Historical College FNI, Verpleegkundigen en Verzorgenden Nederland (


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