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Super Nurse

On this picture you see the artwork “Super Nurse” by street artist FAKE, made on the NDSM Square in Amsterdam. “Super Nurse” is a tribute to all health care professionals and first responders all over the world. To encourage them in these challenging times. To send them love and appreciation now that so much is expected of them and so many people depend on their work.

“Super Nurse” was instantly massively shared online and has been picked up by national and international media such as RTL News, Telegraph, New York Times, Fox News and Washington Post. It has also been hung in hospitals around the world and projected on the outside of major hospitals such as NYU Langone in New York, UCLA and Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. In Oxford Street London, “Super Nurse” is displayed on 30 screens throughout the month, forming a large screen.

The work is open scource and can be downloaded free of charge from the FAKE website

by Fake (Manuel Seikritt)

The colourful imagery of street art is omnipresent in the physical space of Amsterdam. This recent work by FAKE illustrates the power of street art; it functions as the visual pulse of the city. A tribute that transcends the local context and, thanks to the open source tool, has become an international symbol that connects cities.

By Stichting NDSM-werf


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