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Stillness in Solitude

Hello, my name is Radu Carnaru and above is a series of photographs I took on the streets of Amsterdam throughout the lockdown caused by the COVID pandemic.

The meaning of this photographic project is to convey to the viewer that by paying enough attention there is an intimate sense of beauty and peace that can be found in the stillness and solitude of these challenging times. This reveals a profound gratitude for simply being, for nature, for fellow man and for the miracle of life itself. This sense of gratitude is always there but usually overlooked due to our busy distracted lifestyles.

This series is my best attempt to try and transmit this feeling of wonder, despite the difficult times we’re all going through and as a reminder that no matter how hard our life situation gets, the simple joys of being are always within reach.

by Radu Carnaru


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam Soundtrackcity