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Stick Together

A duet between two dancers who can’t touch each other because of the present corona rules in our society. Who leads and who must follow? How far do they dare to go?

Stick Together is a duet reflecting what is happening in our society at this moment. We are forced to keep distance, we are thrown back on ourselves and everything that was normal has now become unsettled. It is a visual reflection about the physical contact that we now mis – from a hug to a comfort gesture or a simple touch. The human side of the society is now disordered and we are longing for it but how close can we get or how far do we dare to go? If you love someone, keeping distance is now a kind of absurd sign of love, a remarkable paradox which became part of our research: how emotions and feelings affect your body if you can’t touch one other but at the same time should  trust one other when in contact?

by Andrea Beugger - Sergio Gridelli - Dries van der Post


Soundtrackcity met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam