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Neo Hygiene

A project on how new insights in hygiene will change the design of public spaces in the 21st century with the global outbreak of the coronavirus in mind.

The Covid-19 virus is causing a global economic crisis which is larger than any crisis we have seen since the Second World War. The damage is so large, it will change business cases when it comes to the design of public spaces. Major questions will arise about how a future pandemic can be prevented. New insights in hygiene creates opportunities to rethink how we interact with our public spaces.

Music in the video: Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Welcome to the Neo Hygiene, an era where public spaces are designed to interact without the need to use your hands.

Featuring the following design concepts:
1. Lean On Me Traffic Light Button
2. Dance Hall Pin Code ATM
3. Motion detection with automated doors and curtain
4. Automated UV Light Cleans Transfers of Goods

by Govert Flint, Enrichers

Govert Flint neemt ons met zijn ontwerpen mee naar de publieke ruimte van de toekomst. Een ruimte met bewegingssensoren, slimme apparaten en meer interactie tussen gebruiker en ontwerp. Want wat eerder heel logisch leek, kan nu bevraagd en veranderd worden.

Door Stichting NDSM-werf


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