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Distributing laptops and home learning books

The corona pandemic forced the IMC Weekend School Foundation to suddenly and rapidly shift its future-oriented education online. We now provide this online education at six locations in Amsterdam and 55 locations throughout the country where it is most needed.

One of the first challenges we faced was how to communicate with our students, some of whom come from families who do not own a laptop or any similar device. Establishing and maintaining contact was therefore of crucial importance to maintain equality of opportunity. These photos show how we were able to provide more than 140 families with laptops, thanks to the help of our partners. It goes to show how real some of the problems are.

But what if many of your students do not have access to laptops – as is the case in our IMC on Tour programme, which focuses on recently immigrated children – but you still want to be able to teach them somehow? Our answer was to develop a home learning book full of creative, informative and educational exercises children can do at home. Like the laptops, we delivered these to our students’ doorsteps by bicycle – while maintaining the 1.5-metre rule, of course!

Resilience, speed, flexibility, a large dose of improvisation and, of course, our hugely helpful partners, guest teachers and volunteers were the elements that enabled us to stay in touch with our students during these confusing times.

by Stichting IMC Weekendschool


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