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Connected city, by Abdelkader Benali

The City of Amsterdam asked the writer Abdelkader Benali to document the Amsterdam connection during corona. He wrote a beautiful piece, Connected City, in which he looks at Amsterdam through the eyes of the writer Achraf Fikri and captures how the pandemic affects our city and the connections it has created.

‘Perhaps the isolation has been good for you, Amsterdam. Your residents have started to appreciate parks and squares. A late spring. The French poet Baudelaire wrote a tribute to the flâneur, the walker who explores the city by wandering around. It is not about arriving somewhere, it is about getting lost. Many people say that they know you, but they don’t. We need to learn again how to get lost in our city. We are the new tourists of Amsterdam. We are rolling, walking, skating and running through the postcodes.’

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by Gemeente Amsterdam


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