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Black Queer Love : Rashida Tauwnaar & Euredice Tauwnaar & Carmenlita Tauwnaar

What does it mean to be Black & LGBTI+ ?


‘For me it means staying strong & true to your inner-self, heritage & culture . Finding your own path in life, society, love and your future knowing that a lot of people will judge you based on prejudices. This within your own community and outside your community.’

What does Black Queer Love/Magic mean to you? 

‘Being proud to love who you want to love.’

How does Black Queer Healing look like to you? How do you do it? 

‘I can’t tell you how black queer healing looks like. I can tell you how it felt for me. Healing can only come from acceptance within yourself . Then you go and fight the ‘demons’ inside and outside yourself that are slowing your growth in life generally. Lot of insecurity (I believe) comes from your culture and the rules put up on you as a young person.

For me personally, I accepted the negativity and prejudice wherever it came from.

I was very young and already very content on how I was going to live my Black Queer LGBTI+ minded in everything I would do. Knowing my black history at a very young stage in life made it easier for me. People could discuss the LGBTI+ side of me, but not my mind state about my Afro-Surinam heritage. Either way I knew I would have to deal with racism anyway. It is more a spiritual path. And that is an ongoing journey.’ 

This photo series is a collaboration between photographer Leonel Piccardo & Naomie Pieter for the launch of human rights movement Black Pride (NL).


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