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All You Need is Love

During Midwinter Mokum 2020, children from the Molenwijk were given the opportunity to create video messages during the All you need is love Molenwijk Special film workshop. This workshop was a collaboration between NurLimonade Media and Framer Framed. The workshop took place in the Werkplaats Molenwijk of Framer Framed.

NurLimonade Media is a creative collective of Tine Reischl and Josefine Salden. They develop and supervise educational film workshops in which they challenge children and young people to be creative and active with media.



During this workshop the children went in search of beautiful, exciting and moving stories. These were their own stories and messages, however they also took to the streets to collect and record the stories of others to take. Ultimately, the video consists of several video messages, from the children and their immediate environment, to the people who they miss or who they think about during the COVID-19 pandemic.


by NurLimonade Media


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam