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V for Victory

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, mouth caps were mainly seen among students, expats and tourists from Asian countries. In the meantime, this has changed so much that mouth caps are becoming a regular part of the streetscape. I notice that I still have to get used to that. Not only are mouth caps intrinsically linked to (scary) medical procedures for me, when only the eyes of others are visible, it makes the contact between them more distant and the overall atmosphere colder. Although it is, of course, the intention that we literally keep our distance at the moment, it feels as if wearing a mouth mask creates an extra barrier in human contact.

Having said that, wearing mouth masks in public life because one experiences symptoms oneself or precisely because people in the immediate vicinity have vulnerable health, I can only applaud. Only by taking such measures can we overcome the virus. That’s why I find the meeting of the anonymized man through the mouthguard and the V-sign a striking image. It reminded me of Churchill using the V-sign as a victory sign. Right now, the sign is more relevant than ever, because we will also conquer this virus. V for Victory.

This picture was taken on April 29th, 2020 in Sarphatistraat.

by Liselotte Stoelinga

De Thaise massagesalon heeft de deuren gesloten. Het mondkapje beschermt. Maar wie moet er in bescherming genomen worden?


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